The V Series SGU

By Autonetics — In Metrology — September 2, 2014



Common sense dictates that the best place to measure the parts you’re making is where you are making them. For greatest efficiency and lowest cost, it’s the most desirable option. Problem is, many gauging systems are not designed for the shop floor. Autonetics vertical, stand-alone gauges have a long record of excellent performance in the field. With millions of parts inspected in unforgiving industrial environments the SGU-V is an established key to success in lights-out manufacturing. Manufacturing applications can provide some of the toughest challenges for inspection system designers. Not only are these systems often complex and challenging, but the harsh environments in which they must operate demand a robust and rugged design. Often it is handling that causes the roughest treatment, with the autonomous requireent providing one of the most demanding tests.

To meet this requirement, systems must be able to withstand being crashed into by robotic handing devices, heavy parts as well as be resistant to vibration, heat, dust and coolant.

Autonetics SGU inspection systems are comprised of four fully industrialized components: the chassis, the sensor system, the computer system and the measuring software.

Chassis: The V series cast, granular aluminum alloy construction exhibits low distortion and stress relieving properties for a thermally stable assembly that is less susceptible to temperature fluctuations. The armored chassis is offered in several configuration choices such as onboard panels and rolling chassis for manual loading or high functionality and operational control with automated material handling to vastly increase throughput.

Sensors: Based on reliable thruBeam technology dimensional measurements can be made by traversing the sensor(s) or the work piece. With no moving parts the sensors are completely wear free. The best of breed, quality optics and special lens arrangements enable high accuracy and repeatability. Created to be IP 67 and shock resistant our system nevertheless encases the sensors in 6061 aircraft quality aluminum enclosures to withstand tough conditions.

Computer: Autonetics contracts with vetted providers for digital platforms designed to meet our exacting requirements. Each computer is built with the manufacturing background in mind using embedded operating systems, fan-less operation, shock protected HD Drives, and vibration resistant structure.

Software: Autonetics Metrology Suite (AMS) comes with easy tools for operators, inspectors and engineers to review results, enter production information and adjust offsets. Autonetics interface works like users expect with instantly recognizable functions. Simply seeing the result on the screen and touching it takes the user to further details and options where common functions are presented in a logical order on a single menu. Our software is created and supported by Autonetics application engineers based in North Carolina.

In production the SGU-V requires little or no experience to operate. The attendant or material handling places a work piece in the fixture and initiates start. The automated sequence identifies the part, selects the proper program with preloaded datums, tolerances and instructions for offsetting the CNC and exporting certain data. The end result can be a straight forward visual / audible alarm, a signal to the handling to place in the reject bin or more involved with detailed results and plotted profiles.

The SGU-V series and AMS software library can provide the accuracy and real-time results to meet your objectives. Autonetics is your choice for industrial gauging when the quality of your parts depends on it.