Factory Automation

Our Factory Automation services play a key role in lean manufacturing throughout the United States and beyond. We pride ourselves in our ability to develop unique, robust, and cost-effective solutions to difficult manufacturing processes.

Through the use of modern technology and innovative design, we aim to strike a balance between delicate, precision controls and rugged, factory floor-worthy equipment. 

Let our team of engineers tackle your next automation project.

Service Features

  • Machine Tending

  • Robotic Deburring

  • Machine Vision

  • Bar Coding and RFID

  • Material Handling

  • Palletization

  • Laser / Paint Marking

  • Part Blowoff


Smart Factory Floor Automation

Other Services

  • Metrology Solutions

    We’re committed to solving real world metrology problems. From local small-engine manufacturers to global Oil Country Tublar Goods (OCTG) producers, Autonetics plays a key role in manufacturing quality control.Our metrology

  • Software Integration

    In today’s world leveraging the latest technology is the driving factor behind maintaining a competitive advantage. This technology is supported by software. At Autonetics we provide intuitive software integration with