About Us

Performance Excellence

Autonetics is committed to the development of a culture based on Excellence Plus performance. The Group sets stretching targets in all its operations by applying the four elements of Excellence Plus performance – Client Focus, Innovation, Responsible Behavior, People Development – it will achieve its vision to be the company of first choice for all stakeholders, able to challenge and change the poor practices synonymous with the automation industry, and compete alongside world-leading businesses.

Client Focus

Our approach is led by an unwavering focus on fully understanding the needs of clients and delivering on our promises, regardless of the scale or complexity of the challenge in hand. Working collaboratively with our clients, we develop bespoke teams and solutions from concept through every stage of the project to completion, ensuring the best expertise and resources are deployed to achieve the required time, cost, quality, safety and sustainability outcomes.

Innovative Drive

We take our duty to act responsibly at all times very seriously through proactively managing the impacts of our activities on the environment, our people and the communities in which we operate. We work according to the guiding principles of our founders and by complying with the high standards set out in our Global Code of Conduct. We also take a leading role in driving change across our industry by pushing the technology curve beyond its limits, breaking down pre-established rules about what can and cannot be done in the world of metrology and automation.