The Autonetics Design Process

By Autonetics — In News — July 15, 2010


A philosophy of customer service.

Our vision of how to lead a company is based on three principles: know your product; understand your customer; and don’t accept mediocrity.

Most companies view customer needs, wants, and desires from their own perspective.  This is unfortunately the case with people who know their products exceptionally well: they can’t see them from any vantage point but their own.  Autonetics prides itself on asking customers what their needs, wants, and desires are.  We actively listen to our clients and base our product strategies on their responses. Allotting additional time for observations on the factory floor as well as the boardroom and soliciting the views of all parties involved gives us a broader understanding of what the customer requires. A critical component consists of meeting the customer after each step in the development process to insure that our design team remains on course towards providing the correct solutions and desired results.

Computer Aided Design and Simulation – We test it before we build it.

Imagine the potential of seeing a working solution to your manufacturing problems without the cost associated with traditional R&D.  Autonetics use of three dimensional computer aided design and simulation is a development tool that will test your application earlier in the design cycle, on-screen and against real-world conditions. Our process replicates part weights, part interference, movement of other systems, tools and end effectors, even the forces of gravity and wear.  What does it all mean: improved design quality and manufacturing efficiency, while reducing time to implementation and material waste.  A 3-D model of your existing hardware and production items, with our solution to your needs, will be presented for your approval rapidly and at less cost permitting redesign or fine-tuning until the optimal application is developed.

Pre-installation setup – A fully functional system.

Once the customer is satisfied with the design, construction begins. Required parts and assemblies are preordered and awaiting shipment at our preferred vendors. Through in-place agreements, needed items are kept in stock utilizing the Just In Time (JIT) method of inventory management assuring short lead times. Integration of software and controllers, programming and assembly are performed at the Autonetics warehouse where the product is tested and optimized for installation then readied for transport.

Final Installation – Timely and professional.

Our technicians make short work of putting in place our products. Due to preassembly, they are familiar with the exact process of installation and existing hardware. But the job does not stop there. We recognize that even the most well thought out design needs oversight, that is why for the first few days of operation our support staff work with the customer to guarantee the performance of our product and provide training in proper use. Only when you are completely satisfied is the installation complete.

Autonetics offers a comprehensive support program inclusive of bi-yearly inspection, robot maintenance, software upgrades, tool management and optimization of new sub-assemblies. Our service contracts are available for 2, 4 and 8 year intervals with extended warranty.