R&D for Part Inspection

By Autonetics — In Research and Development — July 31, 2017



Autonetics offers research and development (R&D) services for automating part inspections with the latest non-contact laser sensors. In a typical R&D project, Autonetics evaluates the interdependencies between cycle times, dimensional data callouts, tolerances, surface areas, individual part sizes, part-family size ranges, part handling, personnel involvement and other details specific to the manufacturing process.

Having gone through this R&D evaluation, analysis, planning, and testing exercise a multitude of times over the years, Autonetics has been able to help clients solve difficult inspection challenges more efficiently and in a fraction of the time typically possible in a large organization with other projects competing for their internal experts’ attention and resources.

R&D Project – Early Stage

During the early stages of an R&D project, Autonetics determines the timeline for analysis and the best approach to testing various solutions with the least amount of risk for success and greatest potential for global deployment across the company’s manufacturing footprint. Depending upon the availability of data, part samples, and process flow background information, Autonetics can often present potential solutions for further discussion within 90 days.

R&D Project – Failure or Deployment

Occasionally after the initial R&D evaluation and analysis work, Autonetics determines that current technology is not capable of solving the inspection challenge our clients hope to solve in the short term. Other times, Autonetics has built a prototype unit for evaluation and testing within six (6) months and a global company-wide solution is implemented within twelve (12) months.

R&D Project – Objectivity

Sensor selection is a critical first step in automating any part inspection project. The sensor selection expertise of Autonetics is valued by our clients because there is no allegiance to a product line or vendor. Measurement sensor decisions are solely made from the perspective of which technology is the best suited for the project.

Autonetics – Cary, NC

Based in Cary, NC, Autonetics custom develops non-contact laser measurement gauge solutions built to operate in the most uncompromising of machining environments. Every component that makes up the gauging hardware is vetted in industrial applications and has a proven track record. Autonetics customized measurement gauges for nondestructive inspections can be safely installed at any step of the manufacturing process, are extremely reliable, and require little-to-no maintenance.