Progress in New Micrometer Development

By Autonetics — In Research and Development — September 3, 2014



The development of Autonetics new high speed sensor is progressing with the conclusion of our four month preproduction trials. On the electronics front the receiver board design, prototyping and testing have been completed along with integrating the charged coupled devices. Evaluation of several variants on the telecentric optics design continues to yield encouraging results with samples showing the lowest possible distortion projected in our computer simulations. Emitter research is also making headway with the selection of a manufacturer and delivery of initial production units. These units are in ongoing endurance testing with 2,800 hours to date at maximum output.

In the next phase Autonetics will proceed with mechanical packaging to provide stability over moisture, temperature, and frequency ranges for high-performance/harsh-environment application. During this phase field analysis will reveal areas where improvements in design and miniaturization can be made. Miniaturization of the electronics and optics package will play a key role in the future of all Autonetics sensors to reduce EOA payloads and deliver greater functionality for information processing and instrumentation.

Autonetics continues to utilize our diversity of experience and dedication to research to improve our products. Look for updates on our field testing and product statistics in early 2015.