By Autonetics — In Factory Automation — July 15, 2010



The future of palletization is in innovation and optimization.

Reducing the processes and steps in warehousing reduces errors. At Autonetics we know the number of automation instructions just through re-entering data multiple times is staggering and results in direct loss of productivity, effectiveness, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. While change is often difficult, a change in technology systems, processes, and culture need not be difficult for employees. Adoption of new lean solutions must be a central element of strategic planning. By minimizing the learning curve on new processes and technologies employees will adopt to the new culture more easily and rapidly, thus increasing the return on investment of the new application.

Autonetics is committed to the retraining of your personnel and there by increasing their value as an employee. Warehouse management often serves as one of the most costly components of a growing organization. Centrally managing orders to reduce costs, automating the shipping/receiving process to improve productivity, achieving optimal inventory control, keeping customer commitments with error-free order fulfillment, integrating shipping operations, and increasing productivity with mobile computing are central to cost-containment. Our optimized palletizing and de-palletizing solutions are the next step.