Metrology & Production Applications

By Autonetics — In Software — December 2, 2011



Software Tailored to Fit Your Needs

To compete in today’s global economy, manufacturers must find new ways to cut costs while consistently delivering a high-quality product.

Autonetics Software Applications are comprehensive manufacturing software programs that put control of the factory floor at your fingertips. Designed specifically for your process and built-to-order for contract manufacturers, Our software equips your production team with the information to fine tune machining, fabrication and quality control.

Today’s manufacturers rely on a combination of automation, machinery, devices and technology in an effort to produce products better, faster, and more cost-effectively. As manufacturing cycle times condense and capacity expands, companies demand a faster, more cost-effective method for assuring product and process quality. Autonetics inspection and metrology software exponentially increases the value of SPC systems by delivering real time, actionable information to operators, managers, and engineers. It collects data and displays it in real-time on our touch sensitive display at the shop floor and the front office to enable manufacturers to detect, prevent, and resolve issues before waste occurs.

Autonetics Software Applications are not a one system fits all solution supported half way around the world. Each application is purpose built, designed for growth and backed by continued development and knowledgeable experts based here in the USA.