Metrology Developments

By Autonetics — In Metrology, News — July 23, 2010

On July 21 Autonetics met with representatives of Micro Epsilon America to review new developments in laser micrometer and thermal imaging fields.

Micro Epsilon’s high resolution optical micrometers are a critical component of our in-process, non-contact, gauging solutions therefore we strive to remain informed on current improvements. Discussions during our conference included advancing accuracy below 1 micron, robust IR temperature sensors and solutions to emissivity and wavelength difficulties.  Also discussed at a high level; preferred integrators and strategic partnerships.

Exciting breakthroughs were presented by Micro Epsilon concerning anomaly recognition for highly reflective surfaces. Autonetics will be most interested in developing applications for this leading technology once it is released. We sincerely appreciate Micro Epsilon’s continued partnership and assistance in perfecting our products.