Heavy Duty Gauging: The SGU

By Autonetics — In Metrology — June 15, 2015



Autonetics H series of SGU gauges are most commonly used to measure turned parts weighing less than one hundred pounds. Autonetics custom solutions offers high strength modular and welded steel frames to easily handle heavy work pieces and provide highly accurate, repeatable measurements of large, complex manufactured parts. Autonetics gauging application for railway axles is a good case in point. Railroad non-drive axles for passenger and freight applications can weigh well over one thousand pounds and the precise fit of wheels, axles and bearings are among the most fundamental elements of the truck assembly.

The safety and efficiency of rail transportation depends on how well these elements fit and work together. To that end Autonetics was approached provide a turnkey solution for train axle gauging.  Autonetics non-contact Heavy-Duty SGU measurement systems are designed to perform on the factory floor, protect vital components from collision and deliver highly accurate results. 

Our rail axle gauging applications were created with the capability to offset CNC lathes with real time results to maintain tolerances of .0005” for every callout, covering 100% of production. In addition to being rugged and repeatable our Heavy-Duty SGU gauges are completely automatic and autonomous, able to select the correct program to inspect the loaded part and execute the operation without requiring human oversight. 

As with all our gauging series the HD-SGU utilizes Autonetics software, developed and supported in-house, as the basis for the user interface and operating platform. Where off-the-shelf systems are designed to cover a number of situations and require hours of setup Autonetics applications are design built, pre-loaded with part programs and ready to work. Our experience with hundreds of customized applications allows us to offer a growing list of options to meet your exact requirements.