Charpy Testing

By Autonetics — In Factory Automation, Software — November 3, 2011



Process Management Package

In 1905 the French scientist Georges Augustin Albert Charpy developed a method for testing materials to determine the amount of absorbed energy during fracture. This absorbed energy is a measure of a given material’s toughness and acts as a tool to study temperature-dependent brittle-ductile transition. Along with other testing, the Charpy impact test is still an important part of today’s quality control procedures.

Tensile testing determines material properties such as yield strength, ultimate strength, percent elongation and reduction of area. A section is removed from the heat treated product and machined on CNC lathes to precise dimensions (dog-bone type specimens). The machined specimen is gripped at both ends in a tensile machine, which stretches the sample at a controlled rate until fracture occurs. The materials response to this force is precisely measured during testing.

Brinell testing measures hardness by impressing a 10mm tungsten carbide ball into the surface of the material with a 3000kg load. The diameter of the impression is measured with a portable microscope and converted into a Brinell Hardness Number (HBW).

Autonetics software automates the manufacture of coupons for oil country tubular goods and other material testing applications. Our tailored software determines the correct values for cutting test pieces from any pipe diameter and wall thickness for transverse or longitudinal specimens. Our process management package includes an intuitive user interface to control coupon fabrication from the first cut to final testing with built in specifications per industry requirement and tracking for back office systems. Each package is specifically designed and constructed to work with your machining center or Autonetics Digital I/O Platform. Autonetics software is applicable in many industries for testing materials used in the construction of pressure vessels, OCTG and structural steel components. For more information please contact us today to learn about the proven, comprehensive management capabilities that provide increased control, streamlined operations, and insight you need to help improve your process.