Autonetics MT Connect

By Autonetics — In News, Software — June 16, 2015



Autonetics automated metrology systems provide the ability to maintain close control of production quality by providing immediate results. Unfortunately in most manufacturing environments quality control is performed long after the part has been machined. The lag between machining and inspection makes it difficult to integrate quality feedback into production.

Improved production of quality parts is dependent on the idea of constant real–time quality feedback with across the board communication. Autonetics gauging applications are MTConnect compliant and targeted at overcoming the “Islands of Automation” problem on the shop floor by directly tethering quality measurement results with Computer Numeric Control.

The unpredictable nature of the machining process can impede manufacturers in their effort to maintain acceptable part quality. Autonetics automated gauging and AMS software, with direct machine feedback, integrates the two technologies and produces Web-enabled quality results in a standard format. To compensate for unexpected changes in factors such as tool breakage Autonetics application performs 100% inspection and provides results to the machine for optimized performance. All Autonetics devices are designed to work with either open architecture communication technology or proprietary interfaces. By addressing quality issues as they occur, variables can be identified in the production process. Using MTConnect the information is then shared with any number of recipients via an Internet connection. Harnessing the direct connection of the inspection device and the CNC ultimately saves time and money.

Autonetics familiarity and implementation of MTConnect as well as web based quality feedback systems increases traceability while reducing data quality loss and data misinterpretation. With instant results identifying problems in the manufacturing process is simple so a proactive approach to quality assurance can be implemented. Automated inspection and recording systems will lead to comprehensive tracking of quality data, eliminate inconsistencies of downstream inspection and reduce reporting errors.