Lithium-ion Battery Separator Camber Gauge

While Autonetics specializes in building gauges for turned or threaded industrial parts, we are always excited to explore other, less common, aspects of metrology.

Celgard, a world-wide leader in development, manufacturing, and distribution of high-performance membrane separators, approached Autonetics with a very unique problem: during the manufacture of their membrane separator a slight camber would often be introduced. An unwanted defect.

Traditionally, such a camber would be measured by hand using a string and ruler. While this method served its purpose for a time, modern quality control best practices necessitate a more accurate and repeatable solution.

The Autonetics Solution

As with all applications for which we are approached, we began our process of brainstorming and researching potential solutions – thinking outside of the box to present not just a solution, but a cost-effective solution.

After numerous meetings with our vendors, trials, and tests we eventually landed on a solution incorporating an optical sensor from Balluf.

At Autonetics we produce some of our best ideas while working outside of our wheelhouse. When you can't find a solution to your problem in the open market, let Autonetics take look.

Since the first prototype unit was developed and accept by Ceglard in 2014, Autonetics has continued to provide additional camber gauges for all of Celgard’s facilties world wide.

Unique Problems, Practical Solutions

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  • Category

  • Purpose

    Camber Measurement
  • Client

  • Industry

    Commercial Batteries
  • Location

    Charlotte, NC / Shanghai, China
  • Accuracy

    0.05 mm
  • Repetability

    +/- 0.01 mm