CNC Lathe In-Process Gauge

Autonetics brings gauging inside the machining envelope. This in-process gauge removes all the guess work from the manufacturing process by providing measurements in between cutting passes on the part. With this data the machine tool can adapt in real-time to the process, producing a perfect part every time.

Ease of Installation
This measurement system was delivered as a single part: the gauging head. This head was adapted for the FANUC robot tending the cell. A quick, automated tool change is all that is required to change between the part gripper and the inspection head.

Inspection Process
After the first roughing pass with the tool, the robot brings the measurement head into the machining envelop and positions it at the end of the part. A scan is then started and the robot move across the length of the part. Using the robots’ axis encoder data paired with the sensor values, a 2D point cloud of the part is constructed.

This point cloud is quickly processed and various diametrical and axial features are analyzed. These results are immediately available on the Autonetics HMI. Additionally the measurements are automatically sent to the machine tool allowing the final cutting pass to remove the exact amount of material required for a prime part.

Once the last cutting pass is made the part is scanned by the Autonetics gauge once more for a final determination of the part.

CNC Lathe In-Process Gauge HMI

Autonetics’ metrology team are pioneers in factory floor metrology. Each gauge is hand-crafted to provide consistent, reliable results. Through the clever use of modern-day technology, experienced design engineers, and dedicated leadership, Autonetics delivers affordable gauging solutions for all manufacturing processes.

True In-Process Gauging

Automated Precision Inspection Technology

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    In-process Gauging
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