Vinyl Tile Flatness Gauge

At Autonetics we don’t just provide measurement systems. We provide packaged solutions that fit into your manufacturing process.

Armstrong Flooring approached Autonetics with a tough problem and a very short amount of time to solve it – they were launching a new product and needed a means measuring very small (0.0005″) deviations along the surface of the material.

The first phase of the project was Research & Development. Armstrong sent several parts with a variety of defects to our R&D team and we began sampling the parts with various sensor technologies. After a short testing period we presented our findings to Armstrong along with our recommendations.

The deadline for product launch was fast approaching and Armstrong gave the green light to begin design on the inspection station.

Within 90 days of concept Autonetics had designed, built, tested, and delivered the Tile Measurement System. 

Gauge Operation

The system features an overhead XY gantry with sub-micron resolution. Affixed to the gantry is a high-speed, ultra-resolution displacement laser pointing down towards the part holding surface. The holding surface includes alignment blocks and a vacuum table to ensure the part remains flat during the inspection process.

Once a part is positioned in the gauge, the operator begins the scan process. The gauge quickly profiles the entire surface of the part in a crisscross pattern, producing a 3D height map of the part. The map is then analyzed and an overall determination is made on the quality of the part.

Vinyl Tile Flatness Gauge HMI

Autonetics’ metrology team are pioneers in factory floor metrology. Each gauge is hand-crafted to provide consistent, reliable results. Through the clever use of modern-day technology, experienced design engineers, and dedicated leadership, Autonetics delivers affordable gauging solutions for all manufacturing processes.

Tile Measurement System

Automated Precision Inspection Technology

  • Category

  • Purpose

    Vinyl Tile Flatness Inspection
  • Client

    Armstrong Flooring Inc.
  • Industry

    Commercial Flooring
  • Location

    Jackson, MS
  • Accuracy

  • Cycle Time

    15 sec.