Hydraulic Barrel Diameter / Thread Gauge

In partnership with Hartwig, Autonetics delivered two SGU line of gauges to John Deere Cylinder in Moline, Illinois. These gauges were custom-designed to fit into two new production cells developed by Hartwig for John Deere.

Gauge Features:

Due to a lack of floor space these system were designed with a compact footprint and are fully self-contained. There are no external control panels or parts to install. A single 120 VAC drop and an airline were all that were needed to begin gauging operations.

In addition to providing the inspection system, Autonetics developed a software application that runs on the Okuma Control. This software allows the operator to scan a bar code which contains details about the part. This information is automatically sent to the gauge allowing for the correct work holding to move into place and also tells the system which tolerances to use for subsequent part scans.

Operational Flow
  1. From the Okuma Control the operator scans a barcode representing the part to be produced
  2. The Autonetics application on the Okuma Control receives the barcode and sends the data the the Autonetics application running on the gauge
  3. The gauges uses this information to load the part tolerances as well as switch the work holding if required (depending on part size)
  4. After the machining process is completed the robot unloads the part and places the part on the gauge
  5. The gauge quickly measures the part and signals the robot to come retrieve the part
  6. The scan results are parsed, logged, and presented on the gauge HMI
  7. Additionally the gauging results are sent to the CNC control to be used for automatic tool offsetting
Hydraulic Barrel Gauge HMI

Autonetics’ metrology team are pioneers in factory floor metrology. Each gauge is hand-crafted to provide consistent, reliable results. Through the clever use of modern-day technology, experienced design engineers, and dedicated leadership, Autonetics delivers affordable gauging solutions for the automotive industry.


Rugged Precision Inspection Technology

  • Category

  • Purpose

    Cylinder OD and Thread Inspection
  • Client

    John Deere
  • Industry

  • Location

    Moline, IL
  • Gauge R&R

    < 10%
  • Cycle Time

    40 sec